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P D Polygrinders
Why PD Polygrinders

Trend Setting Technology

The steadily increasing demand for plastic powders and rubber powders of any kind as well as the constantly expanding quality requirements with regards to flowability, bulk density and particle size distribution, grain structure calls for pulverizing systems of most the most latest and modern technology. PD Poly Grinders offers complete systems developed and proved in practical applications.

Standard systems are available for various requirements. With supplementary packages and numerous options, the systems can be easily adjusted to the individual demands. The standard program fully corresponds to market requirements with regards to a complete range of pulverizing systems for all capacity needs.

For fully automatic, round the clock operation, PD Poly Grinders offers pulverizing systems with specially developed controls. Sensor for temperature, pressure and power consumption registers the reading and thus controls the system according to preset parameters.

With the new PD Poly Grinder pulverizing system, you are always one step ahead technically.

Sophisticated Constructions,
Well Proven Solutions

Different pulverizing systems are used for different materials such as HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PA, PIES etc. The PD Poly Grinder type PKM covers the broadest material spectrum due to the large variety of different key segments available.

Constructive and process-technological characteristics are...

  • Grinding path made of wear-resistant, technological optimized key segments
  • Exact, central grinding gap adjustment
  • Housing design for optimized air cooling
  • Broad application field
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Low specific power consumption
  • Powder quality according to specification

System Set-up

PD Poly Grinders pulverizing systems for plastic and rubber operate on a special processing principle.

Granulated feed material is fed into the mill by means of suitable dosing systems. A suction system optimally designed for this application draws the ground material out of the mill. Different screening systems are used to achieve the desired powder qualities. Coarse material from the screen is reintroduced into the mill via a closed-loop system. The finished product is weighed in bags, filled into containers or conveyed to downstream processes and silo systems, depending on the requirements. Standard systems for installation on the production floor are available. An individual installation in multi-story buildings is possible at any time depending on the local conditions.

Custom-made Installations

The proven success of custom-made PD Poly Grinders installation is primarily due to technical competence, intensive developmental work and close cooperation with our clients.

The above mentioned are the reasons, why the leading manufacturers and processors of plastics resins choose PD Poly Grinders again and again.