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P D Polygrinders
Powder Manufacturing Rotomoulding Industries
PS K / H


For the size reduction of plastics, PD POLY GRINDERS offers a variety of different knife mills. During the rotational moulding process hardly any rejects are produced. Mostly these parts are precut into smaller pieces and then granulated in a knife mill. For this purpose, PD POLY GRINDERS has developed specific knife mills with throughput rates of 100 - 300 kg/h. For direct size reduction of larger rejects, we offer special knife mills with higher capacities and larger infeed openings. The granules so produced can be directly reintroduced into the pulverizer.

Method of Operation

The material is fed into the knife mill by means of a suitable feeding system. Size reduction is performed between the rotor knives and the stator knives built into the housing. The end fineness of the material is determined by the whole size of the screen installed. A hinged housing allows easy access to the grinding chamber. Screens and knives are thereby easy to clean and exchange.


Knife mills, series PS-K and PS-H are normally used for this application.

Pulverizing Systems