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P D Polygrinders
For Masterbatch and Compounding Industry
PMMI - 500


With the PolyGrinder®, type PMM, high quality powders are gained for masterbatch production and compounding. The optimum particle size of the end powder guarantees a good mixture and adhesion of the additives. The user can process a wide spectrum of materials such as PE, PP, PA, PC etc. at ambient temperature.

Method of operation:

A feeding system feeds the granules into the Poly Grinder®, type PMM. Pulverizing is effected between the serrated grinding elements of a rotating and a stationary grinding disc. The downstream fan vacuums the powder from the Disc Mill and conveys it, over a very short distance, to the cyclone. The finished product is discharged through a rotary air lock into a bin. A filter (optional) cleans the discharged air. The entire system is fully automatic and controlled from a control cabinet. For operation and cleaning purposes, after material change, the system has been designed in such a way, that the mill and the piping are installed at a comfortable working height.

For Masterbatch and Compounding Industry