P D Polygrinders
The Company

The PD Polygrinder Company has come into its existence by the ideal merger of the two very known and well established companies in their own fields namely Deepak Polyplast uniquely known for its plastic and rubber testing and the other German Based company named PALLMANN which masters in plastic pulverization.

To begin with, the two company’s merger has proved to work wonders for both companies as the two would now work together to gain heights in the field of Plastic Pulverizing.

Deepak Polyplast has come a long way, right from when it developed its interrogative solutions to exclusive problem based on analog outputs to present where it has established and maintained its status as one of the leading producers of plastic and rubber testing equipments in India and thus have also started to make their presence felt in the international market.

Deepak Polyplast maintains a cutting-edge R & D division to meet specialized technological challenges. Total Quality Management systems work relentlessly towards achieving Zero Failure and defect free performance, leading to superior products at highly affordable and feasible rates.

About Pallmann

PALLMANN has a worldwide reputation in being the specialist for plastic pulverizing.

In 1955, the first "ORIGINAL PALLMANN" Turbo Mill was used for the pulverization of plastic which was a revolutionary invention in its field. For the first time it was possible to pulverize plastics with a low softening temperature into free flowing powders with a narrow particle size distribution.

With numerous inventions and patents, PALLMANN participates, as an influential pioneer in today's size reduction technology. "The one who takes the lead and sets new standards cannot avoid to be constantly being questioned about the existing technologies and the different methods of operation. Quality does not come by fluke or by chance but by, continuous research and development.

PALLMANN operates the world's largest research and development center for size reduction technology in Zweibrucken and thus works on the developments that will define the markets of tomorrow.