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P D Polygrinders
Manufacturing of Coating Powders
PPST - 250

Finest powders with excellent flowability are used in the textile and metal industry for surface coatings. PD Poly Grinders is the number one contact address for the pulverization of these thermoplastics, as they are normally very difficult to pulverize due their high MFR. Many materials can be pulverized on PD Poly Grinders special mills under ambient temperature with no need of any cooling agent. The economic efficiency is foremost.

Cryogenic pulverization systems with inert gas atmosphere are used for extreme heat-sensitive materials as well as for obtaining an exceptionally high fineness.

PD Poly Grinders has developed the technology in their own custom processing facilities and offers standard cryogenic pulverizing systems in compact design for polyester, polyamide, EVA, elastomeres, copolymers. Synthetic rubber and other heat sensitive materials.

The company not only delivers the system and the processing technology but also the necessary application know-how. Cryogenic pulverizing systems are reliable. Quality and performance are guaranteed.

Decisive Advantages :

Pulverization under ambient temperature without adding liquid nitrogen

Free-flowing powders produced with minimum particle size distribution

Powders with a high bulk density

Pulverizing Systems